Pond Lights


The Oase LunAqua Classic LED is the all rounder, underwater and above the water spotlight. The Classic LED is suitable for permanent underwater use, thanks to protection class IP 68 (connection rated IP 44).

Particularly energy efficient with just 1.3 watt power consumption which helps with the cost of running the lights. The LED's do come with adjustable heads for flexible alignment of the beam angle so you can set the lights to suit your garden and pond. The LunAqua Classic is available as Set 1 which is the single spotlight or Set 3 which is 3 x Spotlights.


The Oase LunAqua 3 LED pond lights are the replacement to the old halogen version. The LED is much more energy efficient as the power consumption is extremely low at 3 watts.

Oase LunAqua 3 LED pond lights can be purchased as single light which is Set 1 or a set of 3 lights which is Set 3. The spotlights are very easy to install, it really is plug 'n' play. The LED's can be used above or below the water surface.