Why buy a pond vacuum?

Pond Vacuums are great for removing debris and silt build up caused by autumn fallen leaves, fish waste, and general plant vegetation dieback in your garden or koi pond. In a natural pond or in smaller amounts it may not pose a problem. But if left unchecked it could cause water and fish health issues, blocked pumps, filters, and water clarity problems including algae blooms caused by access nitrates. Buying a Pond Vac cleaner such as the Oase Pondovac will allow you to remove silt a build up quickly up to a depth of 250 cms depending on the Pond Vac model purchased.

Best pond vacuum cleaner?

The Oase Pond Vac known as Pondovac comes in 4 models, the main difference between the basic pondvac classic and the more advanced models the pondovac 4 and pondovac 5 is the ability for continuous operation with a clever two chambers system continuous cleaning function. This feature allows one chamber to be in suction mode while the other is emptying its waste. The choice then comes down to the size of your garden pond or pool, if small and no deeper than 2 metres a basic single chamber vacuum will do the job, for larger and deeper ponds consider a larger Oase Pondovac model the table below will help you select the correct model. 

Should I vacuum my pond?

Leaving silt unchecked in ponds containing pond fish including goldfish or koi could increase the chance of bacterial infections as fish immune and digestive systems slow in the cooler winter months. TIP: Always remember to feed a wheatgerm to fish in the cooler months of spring and autumn if fish are seeking food.

Using a pond vac has many benefits over manually cleaning. Manually removing silt can be a time consuming task often involving emptying the pond which is disruptive to your ponds ecosystem. A Pond Vac allows regularly and easy silt removal, the waste water and silt makes great garden fertiliser if drained straight onto a flower bed or vegetable garden.

When to vacuum a Pond?

The autumn or late summer is the best time to vacuum your garden pond (August-September). Cleaning a pond or using a Pond Vac in the spring could disrupt fish, insect and amphibians breeding cycles more than a late summer /autumn pond vac. 

How do pond vacuums work?

Most modern Pond Vacs work much like a domestic vacuum. The pond vacuum is placed on dry land far enough away the ponds edge to avoid accidentally falling into the water during use. A hose with a telescopic handle reaches the ponds base. As the head is moved around it sucks the silt with water into a chamber which is then discharged through a hose to waste. Alternatively, some pond vacuum systems use a simple filter strainer to remove larger debris particles, returning the screened water to the pond. TIP: We do not recommend using a domestic Wet / Dry vacuum as they are not designed for safe use.


Oase Pondovac Classic

Product characteristics at a glance:
  • Multifunction implementation for pond, pool, and household
  • Maximum suction depth of 2 m
  • Complete with extensive range of accessories
  • Effective silt removal powerful 1400 W motor
  • Automatic activation and emptying through intelligent motor control
  • Compact design with 27-litre tank
  • With 4 different suction nozzles: Crevice nozzle, algae nozzle, flat nozzle with rubber lip and variable universal nozzle (2 – 10 mm)
  • Including 4 m suction hose and 2 m discharge hose

3 Year Warranty:

2 Years PLUS 1 Year Oase request warranty

RRP £369.99

YOUR PICE £184.99

Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum 

  • Powerful 1.8 kW motor and optimised turbine enables greater suction power to a max depth of 2.4m (nearly 8ft).
  • Large diameter casters and generous handle ensure that the Pondovac can be easily moved around the garden.
  • Includes a special string algae nozzle, a wide area nozzle with a rubber lip, a new brush nozzle and a versatile floor nozzle with adjustable aperture, as well as a fine mesh debris collection bag for the water return.
  • Accessory 'tidy' facility that means all the tools can be organized and stored easily.
  • Also excellent for cleaning swimming pools and wet vacuuming floors. 

3 Year Warranty:

2 years PLUS 1 year request From Oase

RRP £669.99

YOUR PRICE £334.99

Oase Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum 

  • Powerful 1.7 kw motor greater suction power to a max depth of 2.5m (nearly 8ft).
  • Vacuum without interruption thanks to a 900 watt integrated emptying pump enabling waste water to be pumped away.
  • Hand regulator for for adjusting suction power (Max 8000 lph depending on conditions)
  • Large special rubberised wheels(155mm) and generous handle ensure that the Pondovac can be easily moved around the garden.
  • Includes 4 robust aluminium tubes, string algae nozzle, broadened universal, wet suction brush & nozzle, debris collection bag, 5m suction and 10m discharge hose.
  • Accessory 'tidy' for organized and easy accessory storage.
  • Excellent for garden ponds, cleaning swimming pools and wet vacuuming floors.

3 Year Warranty:

2 Years PLUS 1 Year Request From Oase

RRP £1339.99

YOUR PRICE £669.99